I am so grateful to all of you whom have supported me in all of the ways. I will be leaving The Pearl mid-May to embark on a grand adventure. I will be traveling for potentially a year. My intentions are to come back to my roots in Toronto but only after I have enough stories to tell for a long while. There will be some work while I am out there, keep watch for dates and locations (first being on the west coast in June). With all of my heart, Thank You! I am so excited❤️🙏💛🔮

  2. A visit with Andrew.

  3. Some highlights… Bottom two are drawings by Nicholas De Genova

  4. Matty, one of the best clients ever. This is so much fun to tattoo! @matty_kett

  5. Some highlights. 💛

  6. Having so much fun with Holly’s sleeve!


  7. Wild at Heart


    First and foremost. thank you.

    Thank you for all of your support, business, enthusiasm, commitment and patience. 

    You are the people who make my world a reality. I love my job and the people it brings my way. I am honoured to have encountered every one of you.

    I am announcing some big changes. 

    I am leaving The Pearl for an extended travel endeavour. 

    I will be leaving mid May for about a year. There may be a cameo visit in the fall, during which I will make appointments for people who have a work in progress and otherwise I will be tattooing walk ins, first come first served. If/when this happens I will announce it closer to the date.

    I have all intentions to come back to Toronto (where my roots are), in the spring of next year and plan to work for The Pearl again.

    I understand that some of you have been waiting to get tattooed by me for some time. I appreciate that so much. Please forgive me for these circumstances. I am fulfilling lifelong dreams and the opportunities have arrived with speed and fervour. 

    I will be announcing updates via my website, tumblr and instagram.

    Let this spring arrive with graceful beauty and may this year be the best one yet, with only better to come. Thank you. 

    With warmth and light,


  8. A griffin for Jeremy today, thank you!

  9. Worked on Stewart today, getting there!

  10. Walk in! Thanks Gabriella! (at Pearl Harbor Gift Shop)